Energy Advising & Building Diagnostics

The Northern Designs Energy Advising team was developed to help clients pursue opportunities to use energy better. As Certified Energy Advisors through NRCan (Natural Resources of Canada), we provide the services of Homeowner, Builder & Designer Consultation, New Home Certification in Energy Star and EnerGuide 80, Energy Performance Rating & Testing, and Alternative Energy Analysis.

With the recent change in the Ontario Building Code as of January 1, 2012, our Certified Energy Advisors will explain the merits of each package, walk you through our design review process, explain the financial benefits, and conduct onsite verification to assure that the features designed into your home are properly executed during the construction process.

Our Advisors will help originate designs that improve occupant comfort, health and safety, reduce the cost of home ownership, and reduce the impact of the building on the environment.

Why Choose An Energy Advisor?

  • Trained & Certified by NRCan as CEA
  • Monitored by NRCan for Quality Assurance.
  • Work directly with Homeowners, Builders, Designers, and Building Officials to facilitate Compliance Options.
  • Equipped & Trained to perform Air Leakage Testing.
  • Prioritize Energy Usage and Possible Energy Savings.
  • Third Party review and independent analysis of the build.
  • Improved Occupant Comfort and Health & Safety.
  • Calculate Heat Loss & Energy Consumption based on Effective R-Value of Building Assemblies.
  • Program Certified (EnerGuide 80 & Energy Star Label).
  1. Any builder can claim to build energy efficient homes. How do I know your homes are truly energy efficient?

  2. Since all builders must meet the requirements of the building code, what makes your homes different from other builders’ homes?

  3. How do your building techniques reflect the latest developments in housing technology?

  4. What steps do you take to improve the energy efficiency of the homes you build?

  5. Can you predict what my energy costs will be?

  6. What makes your homes more environmentally friendly than others?

  7. Are you licensed by the government to build energy efficient homes?

  8. Do you affix a government-backed energy label to the home?

  9. Do independent, licensed professionals inspect the quality of your homes?

  10. Do you build homes that receive an EnerGuide rating of 80 or higher or its equivalent?