HVAC Design & Planning

At Northern Designs, we believe the heart of your home is the heating/cooling and ventilation system. Our team knows how to evaluate your home and your needs and develop solutions that fit each unique set of circumstances. We then help you choose a system that will provide occupant comfort and lower cost of ownership while working within your budget.

With all the options of heating and cooling your home in today’s market, Northern Designs can diminish any confusion you have. Choosing a high-efficiency system can be tiresome and overwhelming, but our team will break it down and give you the pros and cons allowing you to make a decision best for your family.

Equalizing indoor Air Pressure A Crucial Balancing Act

It is important not to neglect the impact of an unbalanced ventilation system. If an air exchange unit
does not expel and intake equal amounts of air, a negative or positive air pressure imbalance occurs.