Existing Home Evaluation

Whether you are considering building a new home or cottage, or looking at purchasing resale, the concept is similar when having your home tested and evaluated by a Certified Energy Advisor. Majority of home buyers hire a home inspector so they can make a decision with peace of mind knowing any flaws or deficiencies the home may or may not have. But what you don’t know is how the house rates as to its energy consumption. Sure we have our agent get us all the details from owner as to taxes, utility cost, etc. but would you not like to see just exactly what areas of your home are the most costly when it comes to energy?

Conducting a thorough evaluation along with testing for air leakage with an instrument called a blower door, we are able to pinpoint all the major flaws and show which areas are costing you the most on energy. Along with this evaluation, we are able to provide a written report showing all the areas of concern so you are able to prioritize where to start and end.

Most Common Energy Loss Locations

  • Electrical outlets on exterior walls and ceilings (switches, plugs, lights).
  • Plumbing, electrical, and heating protruding through building envelope.
  • Holes in top plate of interior walls that terminate in attic.
  • Doggy doors.
  • Seals around windows and doors as well as insulating and caulking around them.
  • Unsealed duct work.
  • Improper insulation in attic at exterior wall.
  • Improper installation of insulation.
  • Floor joists headers.
  • Attic hatches.
  • Improperly installed windows and doors (don’t seal fully when locked).

Energy Efficiency Sample Report

Energy Efficiency Sample Report