Octopod Container Project…

In 2013, Jason Rioux of Sea Container Cabin had a concept and vision to build his remote cabin, The Octopod utilizing seven 8’-0” x 20’-0” high cube shipping containers situated around a center octagon timber frame great room. Unlike conventional uses of shipping containers, the concept was to work with the containers, not against them which gave some limitations the containers may have provided.

Generating a design to give Jason and his family all their needs and wishes was a rewarding challenge. The wheel and spoke concept allowed for maximum space giving each room a purpose, gaining optimal views of the property, and distributing air flow with cross ventilation. With the large low pitched roof covering all containers and pie shape space between, allows for todays storage and possibly tomorrows expansion as the containers could be opened on the sides to enter the space.

The OCTOPOD is based on the following design philosophies:

  • Work with the containers, not against them.
  • Minimize the amount of cutting and welding maximize the inherent strengths of containers, such as their structural strength, air tight envelope, material durability, and their high security features.
  • Maximize natural light and ventilation with window and door glazing at extremities and clear story centre.
  • Intergrated numerous off-grid features.